expert body mod

Tattoos are by appointment before 2:00pm Monday to Friday, last Saturday of the month we offer appointments.

Our shop minimum is $70 for tattoos. we are 150 per hour.

Tattoo prices are by the piece. To get a price estimate come in to the shop and speak to Sandra or Jason. We can not give prices on the phone or through email.

We will tattoo minors provided they have PARENTAL CONSENT and are 16 years or older (photo id required for both parent & child)
After 16 years of piercing and tattooing, Sandra enjoys doing all body piercings but does not do dermals, tongue web or guiche piercings.

She enjoys tattooing script, small tattoos, large tattoos, cartoon & super hero, colour and black & grey. She also does alot of re-works and cover ups.

She does not do portraits or photo realism.
After 7 years of piercing and tattooing, Jason enjoys doing basic body piercings and dermals.

He enjoys tattooing traditional tattoos, colour tattoos

He does not do small script, small tattoos, portraits or photo realism.
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We don't take or post photos of tattoos that we do as they are custom and personal and we don't want our ideas replicated, so out of respect for our clients we let them post their tattoos if they wish. We are not here to compete with everyone, if you want a custom tattoo come in and talk to us, you will get all of your artwork and we will not copy it.